The founders have 15 years experience in school administration and activities. We come from highly educated family background. We follow safe, simple and routine rules to run the school smoothly. The schools are at our own premises.
  • Teachers are very patient with the kids.
  • Teachers are qualified and have a passion for the job.
  • The teacher student ratio will be 1:14.
  • Yoga is the strength of the school. Through yoga, children will become strong both physically and mentally.
  • Overall performance of the child is improved by music, dance, games and various school activities like festival celebration, fancy dress competition, theme days etc.
  • Children will be engaged in craft work drawing, painting and puzzle work.
  • Reading habit is encouraged by providing various pictorial books.
  • The curiculam will be suitable for school of any board after pre-schooling.
  • Happy Learning.
  • Learn moral values of life.
  • Enjoy pre-school. No fear of schooling.
  • Bring out inner potential of each child.
  • Curiculam will be as per the current school syllabus.
  • Communication skills will be improved.
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